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Please note that martial art training within our school is highly controlled. The focus is not to hit hard and 'damage' other members of the class, however it is to learn an art form, improve confidence and fitness – at the same time as having fun.  Violence and aggression do not exist in Martial Art Academy of India's vocabulary

Together we can increase participation and standards, and we look forward to helping you make taekwondo a major part of you and your family's lives.


The program is directed towards developing positive relationship to being active while also fun and engaging. Games and drills, taught in a supportive environment, keep children delighted and interested as they learn new skills. Embedded in the fun activities are exercises that strengthen their bodies, as well as develop their balance and coordination.

Young Practisionars learn how to listen attentively through positive reinforcement, and they learn to distinguish when to be silly and playful from when they should be settled and engaged.

Gradualy your child will learn how to reach their full potential through our confidence building martial arts program and also learning the art of effective self-defense and anti-bully tips and techniques. Direct but caring instructors provide expert training in a fun, safe and disciplined environment to produce positive results. 

Life Motivator (for Adults)

Exercise is such a crucial part of a healthy Body


Camps & Workshops

Short Term Fun filled introductory course in taekwondo.....

It's more than kicks and punches.

On the surface, our  martial arts program might seem like learning how to defend yourself and your loved ones. In truth, martial arts is so much more. Through the effort, dedication, and practice you put into every class...... every area of your life will see improvement. You'll gain focus, determination and confidence that will seep into everything you do. Whether it's at work, at home, or anywhere else - you'll be changed for life.

Martial arts is just as much about work on who we are inside as it is about the individual techniques and skills. With our program, you'll reap the full benefit of this ancient wisdom.



And last but not least, we know how to have fun! After all, too much work is simply off-putting. When an activity is all serious focus and hard work, it's easy to burn out.Every class is filled with smiles and laughter. You'll make friends, enjoy your time, and walk away happier than when you came

Only Indian Honoured by Korean Media in World Hanmadang 2014

Kukkiwon World Hanmadang Champions 2015 & 2016 

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Young Practitioners (Age 4yrs - 15yrs)

Our Taekwondo/ Karate program for the very young children teaches Discipline and Paying Attention.

You don't need to be in shape first. In fact, many beginner students have never exercised regularly before trying their first Taekwondo class. Of course, we encourage you to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


We have the ultimate way for your teenager to build confidence, self-esteem, develop self-discipline, self-control, and athletic skills, while having lots of fun in our classes

Our goal for your child is to receive a Black Belt along with their High School Diploma! Being a Black Belt, or even a martial arts Instructor, looks great on your college application! Both parents and students report to us that the discipline and confidence they learn in our center helps them do better in school 


For seniors this helps to maintain a healthy weight. It  also decreases your risk of developing certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise also helps prevent osteoporosis (weakening of the bones, making them more prone to breaking in later life among both men and women).

Students learn to step up tochallenges, overcome obstacles and become role models for others


International Training/Championships

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• Register yourself by sending your passport copy .

• 1 Week extreme training Free,

International Exposure,

• Sightseeing for participants,

• Winners will get scholarship*